Damnation is a road littered with pain, sorrow, and regret. None know this better than the man who rides that track everyday: Cole McGee, a once proud Texas Ranger, now condemned to hunt Hell's fugitives across the plains of both the living and the dead. But today Cole's luck might've changed. Something has escaped the deepest pits of damnation. Hell wants this something back at any cost and has offered Cole redemption in exchange for its apprehension. Sounds like a good deal to Cole, but as he closes in on his quarry he begins to realize you should never bargain with the Devil.

Following in the tradition of his award-winning first illustrated novel "The Plucker", Brom's dramatic prose and uniquely arresting images takes us on a ruckus ride from Hell and back in his illustrated novel "The Devil's Rose". Hardcover, 128 pages, full color, over 60 paintings. Published by Abrams. Available in most books stores.

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Cole surveyed the six bullet holes in the Jesus. The same Jesus he'd shot up more than hundred and fifty years ago when blood still flowed in his veins. A resigned grin forced itself across Cole's face. You're still here, he thought. I didn't beat you after all. No, in the end the Jesus had won, had taken him down as far as a man can go.


In Becky's nightmare she heard the screams of her friends, heard them distinctly. Funny, she thought, how you could recognize someone you love by the way they screamed: Tina, Martinez, Stew . . . one of the twins? That was a man, right? Not an animal? God, could a man really be made to scream like that?


"Getting out of Hell weren't the hardest part," Red went on. "We learned there are a lot of wicked things crawling around the netherworlds, things that are real mean and real hungry for souls."


"I burned their churches, crucified their priest, raped their women, and fed their children to our beasts." He said this as though describing nothing more than a holiday table setting.





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